A Pit Crew Member with a Difference.

Motor racing is among the most popular sports there is, and has a strong following from go-karting all the way to Formula 1. The very best drivers become international superstars and countless drivers from all over the world compete at various levels to work their way up to the very top. The sport Is highly competitive with vast amounts spent on research and development to try and gain even the slightest of advantages over the competition. It is not only the drives that are important of course, and racing teams have many people working behind the scenes on every race. One group in particular are more visible than others and are responsible for repairs and maintenance of the cars throughout the race. They are the pit crews, and one team has a pit crew member from a surprising background.

A Valuable Team Member

Many people will know sally as an escort with www.palacevip.com, but on race-days she takes on a completely new role. Sally is also a pit-crew member for a local motor racing team and is partly responsible for making sure that the tyre changes go as quickly and as smoothly as possible. It can be a very difficult job with a lot of pressure placed on getting it just right and any mistake can be a disaster for the team. Being a pit-crew member takes a lot for practice every week to make sure everything is just right, and for Sally, the pressure and dedication involved makes it a great team to be a part of.

Aiming High

Sally’s team is currently a small local team, but it has big ambitions. They hope to start competing nationally in the next couple of years and may be looking at international competitions sometime after that. For Sally, this could mean leaving behind her job as an escort but with more success, the team will be able to pay her a good salary. She could also get the opportunity to travel far and wide with the team as they compete at different events. Motorsport is largely a male dominated sport, but that doesn’t mean to say that there is no place for qualified and capable females. Sally is showing other women that there is a place for them in the sport if they have the dedication to follow their dream and work hard. Perhaps one day we might even see her in the pits during a Formula 1 event.