The Unusual Pets Finding a Good Home.

Britain is a nation of animal lovers, with cats and dogs by far the most popular of all. Some other pets are also popular, such as rabbits and guinea pigs and mostly peoples’ pets in Britain and around the world tend to be the cute and fluffy variety. That’s not always the case though as many people prefer a different type of pet. Some even like pets that might have other people running away in terror.   The more exotic pets such as snakes and spiders can be difficult to take care of though and they might begin to suffer, even if their owner is well meaning. Fortunately, one escort working with is taking in such animals to make sure they are well looked after.

All Animals Deserve Love

London escort Jane, 33, has always been a fan of animals such as snakes and spiders and has even converted some rooms in her home just to take care of her pets. “My first animal was a garter snake and from then I went on to keep increasingly challenging animals”, said Jane. “A lot of people hate snakes and spiders but they are animals as well and all animals deserve some love”, she added. “Just because they’re not cute and fluffy is not reason for them to suffer”.

Finding New Homes

“I don’t earn enough in my job as an escort to keep a zoo, so after a while I do try and find new homes for them”, added Jane. “There’s usually somebody out there that is willing to take some in, especially considering I am not charging for them”. “I’m not doing it for money, I’m just doing it because I don’t want the poor things to suffer”, she said. “I did once need to ask for some financial help when looking after a Reticulated Python though”, she added. “It was just too large for any vivarium I had and I needed help to buy a suitable home for it”, she concluded. Jane advises anybody that is considering getting any kind of pet that they can be harder to look after than you might first imagine, especially in animals that are likely to get a lot bigger. If you do know of somebody that is struggling or if you are struggling yourself, contact Jane and she will be more than happy to help if she is able to do so at the time.