Top 5 Tip for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the intake of calories should match with the energy use and consumption of your body. Eating foods and taking drinks with a low amount of calories will lead to the loss of body weight which is not good. A balanced diet can be achieved through eating a variety of foods with sufficient nutrients which are essential to your body.

To have a healthy living, men should consume an approximate of 2,500 calories daily whereas women should consume an approximate of 2,000 calories daily. This is the right amount of calories each sex should consume to enable a healthy living. To achieve this, several tips should be considered for food consumption. They include;

1.    Consume meals with starchy carbohydrates.

Foods with one-third of starchy carbohydrates are recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These carbohydrates include bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, and cereals. Also, wholegrain foodstuffs are recommended as they are composed of fiber which makes your stomach full for a long period of time. Every person aspiring to maintain a healthy lifestyle should eat starchy foodstuffs in each meal he or she takes.

2.    Consume lots of vegetables and fruits.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, intake of at least five vegetable and fruit portions each and every day is essential in maintaining health to your body. Incorporating a banana in your breakfast or consuming a fruit snack during your lunch hour is as good as the fatty and starchy meals you take each and every day. Fruit and vegetable juices should also be taken regularly as they provide the essential vitamins necessary to your body.

3.    Reduction on saturated sugars and fats.

Saturated fatty foods and sugary drinks lead to very high consumption of calories into your body. This is not healthy at all as your body may be prone to attack by sundry of diseases. Saturated fatty foods cause heart diseases due to the high concentration of cholesterol in a person’s blood. Foods such as cakes, hard cheese, biscuits, sausages, butter, cream, pies, and lard should be avoided at all costs.

4.    Consume more fish.

Consumption of fish enables the body to acquire enough proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is advisable to eat at least double parts of fish weekly with one part being an oily fish. This is because oily fish provides the omega-3 type of fat which helps in fighting against heart diseases. The various types of oily fish include salmon, mackerel, and trout among others.

5.    Consumption of little salt

A lot of salt may cause the rise in the blood pressure level thus it is advisable to use little or no salt at all in cooing your food. This is because all raw foods already contain salt and thus the addition of extra salt may be harmful.

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